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The Brand

Since 1989, the Club Rochelier brand has been catering to the demands of a wider and trendier market. Chic styles ranging from uncompromising classics to celebrated trends have made Club Rochelier a hit amongst major retailers and specialty shops around the world.

On the pulse of the fashion industry, Club Rochelier continues to be driven by complete customer satisfaction. Its success is achieved by knowing who the customer is and what they expect in terms of style and quality. For both business and pleasure, the Club Rochelier brand is a trustworthy symbol of excellence and creates only quality collections living up to the industry's highest standards. Club Rochelier offers medium priced lines of leather goods as well as accessories including; handbags, wallets for men and women, briefcases, belts, travel and business accessories.

Contact Us

CBM Inc.

8370 Labarre
Montreal, Quebec
H4P 2E7


For general information, please contact:
Tel.: 1-514-738-5858 
Toll Free : 1(800) 363-8866
Fax: 1-514-731-7052


For sales support, please contact:

Elinor Ben David
Tel.: 1-514-738-5858 ext.: 277
Fax: 1-514-731-7052


For career opportunities, please contact:

Thao Te
Tel.: 1-514-738-5858 ext.: 241
Fax: 1-514-731-7052

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