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Our Story

From humble beginnings in 1952, CBM Inc. began as a family-run wallet manufacturer in Montreal.  Since then, CBM has built a strong reputation as a leading importer and distributor of small leather goods.  In recent years, CBM has expanded into fashion accessories, most notably, handbags, belts, cold weather accessories and footwear.  Due to years of experience, CBM's expertise allows our customers to be catered to by our dedicated sales team, our excellent design team, and our accomplished product development team which take every aspect of the customer’s expectations into consideration. Consistency in quality and service is a proven fact to our company's success. Our commitment to providing superior customer service translates into exceptional value for our customers, inevitably leading to a flourishing partnership.

CBM Inc. is dedicated to providing its customers with a compelling assortment of well-designed small leather goods, handbags, travel and business accessories, as well as other emerging categories including belts, cold weather accessories and footwear. The company's collections are developed for men and women who value classic, functional pieces that reflect their sense of style. Over the last 60 years, our mission is to surpass the customer's expectations in terms of quality, price, value, and the best possible service.

Mission Statement

Where To Find Us 

CBM Inc. provides its customers with some of the market's most recognized brands. While working with major retailers and international department stores, CBM products have also been featured in a variety of international airline listings & publications. Prestigious airlines include; Air Canada, American Airlines, Royal Jordan Airlines, and many more. In addition, Duty Free shops have proven to be a very important international vehicle for CBM and its brands have made their way into many duty free shops across the five continents around the world.

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